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Counseling Services


Children often times have difficulty expressing their needs, and behavior is a good indicator of whether their needs are being met. Besides physical needs, children have social and emotional needs, needs for structure, discipline and security. Changes in lifestyle, household or environment can lead to insecurity, anger, depression or anxiety.

Obviously when children exhibit aggressive or hostile behavior, there is a need that should be addressed. Other signs that children may be struggling include: 

  • Withdrawal and isolation from family, friends and regular activities 
  • Change in school performance and relationships with peers
  • Increased anxiety or unusual preoccupation
  • Increased moodiness or irritability

When families go through change, everyone must adjust. Parents starting a new job, a move to another community, divorce, remarriage, death and other tragic events all create the need to make adjustments which are difficult enough. Everyone in the family may not adjust as well as others and while some fare well, others may harbor anger, resentment, fear, anxiety or sadness which can affect the whole family. Signs that the family may be struggling include:

  • Lack of communication
  • Withdrawal of family members from regular activities and each other
  • Regression of younger children
  • Bullying or teasing siblings
  • Increased conflict
  • Defiance of rules and expectations

Children, adults, families and individuals all face adjustment and need to cope with the many things...good or bad...that happen to disrupt our lives. Often times we have the skills necessary to make the transition and to help others as well. There are times when there is to much to manage, and the skills we have are just not enough. Problems develop and there is a need for more help.

Counseling can help identify specific needs and provide a way to help children and their families, adolescents and adults achieve their goals.

If you are struggling, or have concerns about someone close to you, please contact the office for a consultation, 582-7418 or newday@alliancecom.net



Group Services

Group counseling is an alternative to individual counseling. It is more specific to a particular need and group members are able to learn fromeach other, support each other and encourage each other with common goals and insight. 

Groups can be designed to meet a variety of needs. Church youth groups, community organizations, businesses needing to address specific issues in the workplace are just a few examples of ways a group experience can be customized to meet the needs of a number of people sharing the same difficulty.


For information on groups, or to suggest a topic you feel would benefit the community, please contact the office at 582-7418

Employment Services

Employers face a unique set of issues. Conflict between employees, ineffective communication, hostility and organizational changes can lead to many problems in the workplace. It is not unusual to need assistance for an employee dealing with personal issues as they effect his/her job. Often an entire team can benefit from group counseling to improve communication and efficiency.

  • Identify areas needing improvement
  • Improve communication
  • Increased productivity
  • Increase morale and loyalty of employees
  • Improve relationships and respect among employees and between departments

Supporting and providing assistance to employees can reduce turn-over and associated costs, reduce stress and conflict in the workplace and improve the overall wellbeing of the organization. Please contact the office for information on how workplace counseling can  benefit your company newday@alliancecom.net  


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